Design Thinking can add substantial value to your business. It is a practice which must be acquired by business leaders seeking the right tools to innovate. We undertake sensitization workshops / seminars to ignite the spark.

Program Schedule:

Day 01 : Thinking with Empathy

This module is designed to introduce you to the 4 main aspects of Design Thinking and its business implications. It will be supported with case studies explaining the process from need identification to final product creation as well as the necesacity to develop a human quality, Empathy.

Day 02 : Spot the Need & Find a Solution.

This module is designed to help you identify the latent needs or pain points of your target consumers and define the "problem statement" followed by an intensive ideation process.

Day 03 : Think About the Box 

Selected ideas to be prototyped and tested using your domain specific techniques.


Dell Computers documented the creative process that explores the journey of a design from an idea to its manifestation.
Watch Industrial designer Paul Sandip talk about his creative process "Innovation by Observation" behind 300+ innovative product designed in 121 categories winning several international recognition including 2 Red Dot Design Awards!