Ideation Workshops

Focussed group ideation is a very quick and effective way to harness the ideas of a large group of people from different backgrounds. If you are an organization looking to identify "best ideas" for wicked business problems, we could bring together your employees to share their experiences and brainstorm together with us.

Glimpses of one day ideation workshop we did for TDV, India.

Step 01: All participants are introduced to several everyday life scenarios from which they can choose their "oppotunity areas" to work further.
Step 02: Brainstorming Session in groups with common "opportunity areas" to identify "genuine needs".

Step 03: Each participant is guided by us individually to further strengthen their ideas.

Step 04: Need validation by inter-group discussion.

Step 05: Concept visualization of proposed "use case scenarios" of the shortlisted ideas.

Step 06: 3D visualization of selected ideas with quick paper models using simple craft techniques.

Step 07: Final Presentation by each group showcasing their basic prototypes.

Step 08: Rewarding ceremony for the "best ideas" selected by the hosting organization.